Çebi noted in his article in the December issue of Beşiktaş magazine that they were deprived of many income due to the epidemic, “When we took office, we did not have a positive picture. However, we made all our efforts to bring our team to the places it deserves with the right planning and strategies. Of course, there will be difficulties, but at the end of the day, our cause is to chase the championship. This is the only goal of both my coach and our footballers. used expressions.

Stating that their cast will destroy the perception that ‘an expensive player is a good player’, Çebi said:

“Not only our club, but also our distinguished clubs with which we compete, will not be able to overcome the danger of extinction unless they end their wasteful attitude in the last 20 years. We are pursuing a success that can be sustained in the process and with young players, coming from the true essence of Beşiktaş. We have a team that will destroy the perception that players are good players, low wages are bad. ‘We have shown what we can do by defeating our opponent, who has two important importance on the way to the championship, in the weeks we played in a row, now it’s stable. “

Pointing out that the club’s review for past periods is still continuing and that they will present the report to the public as soon as they receive it, Çebi said:

“I know that one of the most important expectations in our community is the special investigation results regarding the activities of our club between 2009-2019. The relevant company is trying to complete the investigation. However, due to the size and weight of the work and the pandemic, they have not yet delivered the report to us. As soon as we receive the report, we will make the necessary negotiations with our supervisory board and our lawyers and inform the public about the results of the examination. As mentioned before, the aim here is not to accuse or suspect anyone, but to reveal the truth. “

Stating that good days are waiting for Beşiktaş, Çebi said, “We have taken many steps to get things on track in a year, but we need more. We will continue to do our duty during the term that the statute gives us. We have a promise to keep against Beşiktaş supporters. We need your support to be necessary. Nobody should doubt that we will do our duty in the best way from now on. ” used expressions.

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