A tweet by a woman on social media about writer Hasan Ali Toptaş grew like an avalanche and women started a disclosure movement in the literary world with the allegations of harassment and sexual assault they had with Toptaş. An account named Leyla shared a video of Toptaş and said, “How many people are we eagerly awaiting the disclosure of this man? I and many of my friends have unpleasant memories with him from his university years. If I had the current consciousness and courage I would definitely reveal it. The classic middle-aged cis male literary writer. ” Wrote. Nearly 20 women shared their memories of Hasan Ali Toptaş abusing him under this tweet. Among these names was the writer Pelin Buzluk. After Pelin Buzluk’s writings, writers Aslı Tohumcu and Nermin Yıldırım and many other writers have disclosed the authors who harassed themselves by saying “you are not alone”.


Speaking to Ece Çelik from Hürriyet, Pelin Buzluk explained her experiences as follows: “In 2011, it was an event that I can call sexual assault rather than sexual harassment. It is very difficult for me to speak. He invited us to the writing house with my ex-wife. When my wife did not want to come, I went alone. He had physical orientation and strain. I was shocked. I locked myself in the bathroom for a while and said, “I’m sorry, but I don’t want it.” In the years that followed, I blamed myself so much for apologizing. He said, “Then why did you wear this dress?” And accused me of being backhead. After leaving that house that night, he wanted to keep in touch with me as if nothing had happened. He never saw himself guilty. ”


– Hasan Ali Toptaş (@hasanali_toptas) December 9, 2020

HASAN ALİ TOPTAŞ: “I apologize”

Speaking about the allegations, writer Hasan Ali Toptaş said, “Until a person understands what masculine agency is, he can make mistakes without knowing what great wounds he has on the other side, without realizing or thinking. Today we learn from women what agency is. I sincerely apologize to all the people I hurt, upset and hurt for my unknowingly and unknowingly behaviors.

Writer Aslı Tohumcu, who is in solidarity with the abused women, also disclosed Bora Abdo, the writer who harassed her: “I wanted to show that we are not alone by naming Bora Abdo and taking courage from Pelin Buzluk’s Hasan Ali Toptaş disclosure. Women speak with each other, it is obvious that they will talk more. ”


After the event was heard, there was a reaction against Toptaş on social media. Many accounts underlined that with this courage, there will be solidarity between the abused women and that they will not be silent against similar situations. giriş sonrası hesap oluşturarak %100 bonus kazanıyorsunuz. restbet girişinizi yapıp, para yatırma sonrası depozit bonusu kazanabilirsiniz.

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