The incident took place in the Gülbahar Hatun District of Ortahisar district, Narlıbahçe Street. According to the information obtained, Giray Terzi (29) came to the house of his uncle Şendoğan Terzi (61) due to the issue of receivables. Terzi, who had a verbal discussion with his uncle for a while, shot his uncle with a gun he took out from his waist.

While Uncle Şendoğan Terzi collapsed with 4 bullets hitting his body, his nephew Giray Terzi left the house and started to walk away. The person, who came to the Soğuksu intersection about 500 meters away from the scene, surrendered to the traffic police with his gun. Police teams who came to the house of Giray Terzi’s uncle determined that Şendoğan Terzi died from the scene. While Niğen Terzi was taken into custody by police teams, the body of Uncle Şendoğan Terzi, who died, was taken to Trabzon Forensic Medicine Institute.

Giray Terzi, who was brought to the Trabzon Police Department and questioned, said in his first statement, “My uncle Şendoğan Terzi was receiving money with interest. We paid some of the debt with my father. When my uncle continued to receive money with interest, I argued with my father. I left the house and went to my uncle’s house. We talked for a while, but after arguing, I shot my uncle with a gun ”.

Investigation into the incident continues.

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