Libyan Army Spokesperson Colonel Muhammed Kununu stated on his Twitter account that the place of those who committed crimes against Libyans was not the dialogue table but the courtrooms.

“The Libyan army is committed to the ceasefire led by the United Nations (UN). However, Haftar militias have violated the ceasefire in Sirte at least 8 times and are still transporting mercenaries and establishing military camps.” Kununu stressed that they would not accept any solution in which the name of the “war criminal” Hafter was mentioned.


Letter revealing the secret bargain in Libya

Defense Minister Selahaddin en-Nemruş said on December 7, “We warn the United Nations (UN) and the countries that support peace and dialogue in Libya; if the war criminal Haftar is restrained and his carelessness is not prevented, we will withdraw from the 5 + 5 military agreement.” used expressions.

As a result of the 5 + 5 Joint Military Committee meetings held in Geneva, Switzerland on October 19-23, a permanent ceasefire agreement was signed between the Libyan parties.

Stephanie Williams, Representative of the United Nations Support Mission to Libya (UNSMIL), stated earlier that the UN will impose sanctions on those who violate the ceasefire in Libya.

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