Bursa Police Department Nilüfer District Police Department Crime Prevention and Investigation Bureau teams received a report of gambling in an association located in Odunluk Mahallesi Sanayi Caddesi. The teams that took action went to the address of the association.

After seeing that there were 6 people in the attic and in the corridor of the apartment, the teams rang the bell of the apartment where the association is located. However, nobody opened the door. Thereupon, the police teams, which obtained the necessary legal permissions, opened the door to the locksmith they called. A large number of playing cards and gambling stamps were found in the search of the association, which consisted of 8 people, 1 woman.

14 people were fined for a total of 44 thousand 100 TL from 3 thousand 150 lira for violating the curfew. Judicial proceedings were initiated against the directors of the association on the accusation of ‘providing a place for gambling’. Individuals who entered the attic from the attic to escape from the police and crawled outside were caught by the police one by one.


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